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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Rental Agreement

Refund Policy

30 days’ written notice is required for a deposit refund, except for reservations that include Christmas or New Year’s, which require 60 days’ written notice. All credit card refunds are subject to a 3% processing fee and all check refunds will be subject to all applicable fees (postage, bank etc.).

Property Damage

You are responsible for damages to the property caused by you or other members of your party and will be held liable for any repair charges.

Property Inspection

Upon check-in to your unit, please inspect the property. Notify our office immediately of any maintenance items that arise during your stay.


You will be provided with 2 keys at check-in if you do not return both keys at check-out there will be a US$150 charge to your credit card.

Non-Smoking Property

Your rental unit is designated non-smoking and if there is any evidence of smoking in your unit, you will be charged a fee of US$1,500.00 for cleaning. Smoking is allowed outside only.

Excessive Cleaning

If excessive cleaning is necessary following your departure, you will be charged at the rate of US$25 per hour and the charge will be applied to your credit.

Rental Rules

Guests agree to abide by the Rental Rules attached as Exhibit A at all times while at the property and shall cause all members of the rental party to abide by those rules at all times while at The Heritage Club.

No Pets

No Pets are allowed on the property (NO EXCEPTIONS).


Limit of one vehicle per unit at The Heritage Club. Parking spots are unassigned.

Parties/Group Bookings

No parties, weddings, etc. are allowed without written consent of the manager. If you are traveling as part of a larger group please inform the manager prior to booking for authorization.


All local calls are free of charge. Hi-Speed wireless internet is provided within your unit free of charge.Insurance: We encourage all renters to purchase traveler insurance.

General Rules & Guidelines

It is important to us that all of our guests and owners are able to relax and take advantage of the property and its’ amenities. Below are some friendly reminders of our general use and courtesy guidelines to ensure everyone enjoys their stay.

General Guidelines & Courtesy Reminders

  • Excessive noise within a unit should be avoided at all times, particularly between the hours of 10 p.m. and 9 a.m.
  • All units and patios are nonsmoking, please restrict all smoking to open spaces away from the building.
  • Please be sure that all doors and windows are closed when the air conditioning is on and turn the A/C temperature up whenever you expect to be out of the unit for an extended period.
  • All doors and windows should be securely locked whenever you are not in the unit or have retired for the evening. Staff is not permitted to leave any unit unlocked and will always lock the unit when they leave.
  • No articles of clothing, linen or dive equipment should be hung on roadside balconies.
  • Personal articles should not be left in common areas such as lawns and pool/beach area. All personal belongings should be collected when leaving these areas.
  • No dive equipment should be rinsed in the pool or in the bathtubs inside your unit.
  • Guests are requested not to invite persons staying at other properties to utilize our facilities.

Beach/Pool Area

  • Please be considerate of others and do not “RESERVE” beach chairs or cabanas. If a body has not been on the chair recently, it is available! Management reserves the right to relocate personal belongings left unattended.
  • Do not take beach chairs into the sea and kindly return all beach chairs to an area above the “high water mark” when leaving the beach each day.
  • Please shower and rinse all sand completely prior to entering the pool.
  • Foot hoses are provided at the corners of the pathways for rinsing sand from your feet as well as any dive equipment, floats and water toys before leaving the beach area. These are NOT for recreational use.
  • Flotation devices, beach balls, and other water toys should not be left in the pool or beach area when not in use. Paddle boards should be stored in the racks provided on the beach.
  • Please be respectful of noise levels at the beach and pool areas (music, conversations, children, etc.). Do not use portable speakers.
  • The sea along Seven Mile Beach is a Marine Park conservation zone and it is illegal to take conch, lobster, or other living sea life from the waters here. We are committed to the conservation of our sea life here and ask that you be as well!
  • All pool/beach furniture is for common use and should not be brought into units or onto patios.
  • The BBQ is available for guest use. We ask that it is attended to at all times while in use. Please be sure to turn off the gas when you are done using it and replace the cover once the grill has cooled.

Guests with Children

  • We welcome children of all ages to The Heritage Club, however; we ask that you be respectful of other guests on property and mindful of your children’s noise level, behavior, and compliance with all rules and guidelines.
  • Children are not permitted in the pool or beach area without adult supervision. Unsupervised children will be asked to return to their units.
  • Children that are not "potty-trained" must wear waterproof diapers when in the pool area.